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We are, the leading seminars discovery platform in Nigeria and if you are a regular reader of our blog( you would have realized that seminars are far more than just events. A seminar in Nigeria is an opportunity for anyone seeking any form of occupational or general success to attain it without hitting so many obstacles on the way. Seminars are so valuable that any professional that is not actively attending seminars in Nigeria will not only be missing out on the many benefits needed to attain massive success such as information on current industry trends, firsthand access to industry secrets and hacks, exposure to problem solving techniques that produce tremendous results and many more, such a professional will also risk being left behind and losing whatever level of occupational success they may have acquired due to their inability to keep up with the ever changing trends of the 21st century that is particular to their industry. An example is the inability of a person to solve a problem swiftly and efficiently as another individual who has been constantly getting the required knowledge from seminars, the consequence of this happening in the short and long term is better imagined than experienced, I believe you get the picture I am painting has this is not a theory but everyday situations that may one day come your way. The only way to be absolutely prepared is to begin attending seminars happening in your city, to do this get on any of your device now and visit

Don’t be jobless and hopeless, find out more here.

Are you unemployed? Are you smart and courageous? Are you unsatisfied with your current financial state? If your answer to these 3 questions is yes, then take a deep breath while you continue reading this article with rapt attention because the truth is that you have stumbled upon a rare and valuable article with an immense value that has the potential to impact your life positively.

So yes you are jobless, the truth is that this is not a death sentence unless you make it so. Being jobless can be a great pain in the hearth and most times this can lead to severe depression, those who have never experienced joblessness can’t really understand what you are passing through no matter how hard you try to explain it to them, this is just a fact. The total loss of hope, the continuous feeling of frustration, the ever-present “dark cloud” hanging over you, all this and more make being jobless in Nigeria an undesirable occurrence to anyone but do you know that you must stop feeling hopeless if you desire to attain success, this is also a fact. Now being in your present state, I can understand why you may think that this is easier said than done, you believe that no matter how much motivation you get the “dark cloud” will not just disappear. I want to let you know now that there is a way out!! A way to a bright and sunny life filled with happiness and success, a life with zero “dark clouds” hanging over your head but this life is only achievable if you are determined to throw in your last ounce of energy.

Towards what do I throw in my last ounce of energy to attain a life full of success and happiness you may ask? Seminars, the answer to this question is seminars. is the leading seminars discovery platform in Nigeria and from our many years of experience, we can let you know plainly that this is the best way out of hopelessness when it comes to unemployment in Nigeria. Seminars provide an unmatchable avenue for anyone looking for the right opportunity to prove their worth and attain success. Many unemployed people are unaware of the hidden benefits that lye in seminars. From knowledge of skills in demand that you can use in the real world to set up your freelance (work from home) agency to latest information on what you need to do to make you a first choice consideration among recruiters to rare opportunity of direct networking with individual in the business community, it would be to your great disadvantage if you fail to seize the opportunity that seminars provide by ignoring productive seminars while exhausting your time on activities that do not point you in the direction of achieving your dreams. You can read more on the benefits of seminars in Nigeria here

So what are you waiting for? Swiftly visit on your device to begin discovering seminars happening in your community. We, dare you to attend just 1 seminar that you discover on then come back and share your eye-opening and refreshing experience in the comment section. Have a wonderful and life-changing time!!

Why you need to start attending seminars in Nigeria

We are, Nigeria’s leading seminars discovery platform that enables people like you to discover valuable seminars happening in their community so if you had to rely on a source for valid facts on why seminars should matter to you and why you need to start attending seminars in Nigeria, that source you can trust should be
A simple guess should tell everyone that there is certainly a purpose for seminars since nothing exist without a reason and judging from the high rate of seminars that are held weekly in Nigeria, you should also be able to guess that seminars must be very valuable even if you may have never attended one. There are many reasons why you should make attending seminars a top priority in your business or career plans this year all of which have been discussed in detail in preceding posts which can be accessed by visiting however you would get a glimpse of why you need to start attending seminars here so let’s get started. Seminars provide you with the perfect avenue to learn more about your industry, there is really no other avenue in Nigeria that provides you with as much update on trends, past and latest information which are relevant to your industry of operation. Most people who have had the pleasure of attending seminars would tell you how spectacular the experience can get.
From low ranking staff to executives, private organizations to government institutions, the category of seminar attendees in Nigeria spans across every nook and cranny of the nation. The benefits of attending seminars in Nigeria are so immense that many organizations have included it in the schedule of their staff. No organization is looking for the opportunity to waste their money rather many are constantly on the lookout for cost-saving techniques, with this in mind it is necessary to note that a massive number of organizations are still actively engaging their staff in professional seminars, this speaks volume on how crucial seminars are to the everyday life of a professional or artisan in Nigeria. From exclusive access to rare and valuable information to the latest problem-solving hacks to once in a lifetime networking opportunities, you are certainly missing a lot as a professional in Nigeria if you refuse to attend seminars.
Don’t be left behind, don’t become obsolete and dispensable, don’t miss out on knowledge of how to acquire financial rewards because you failed to prioritize seminars. Constantly visit to have access to the best seminars happening in your community. Also, let us know your view on this by using the comment box.

Learn Trade in Nigeria

Are you in Nigeria and you would like to learn a trade? Well then, you should read on.

Nigeria is a country with a population above 200 million and like most countries with an enormous population, competition is fierce. Presently, you may be contemplating learning a trade to start a small scale business to make ends meet. Again, you may intend to open a massive company capable of causing market change. Whatever is your need for wanting to learn a trade in Nigeria,, Nigeria’s leading seminars discovery platform has you covered.

What is trade?

Trade is the action of buying and selling goods and services or a job requiring manual skills and special training.

You may have made up your mind on what trade you want to learn or you may still be looking out for what would suit you most. However, the next step in both cases involves getting the vital data and information on whatever trade you have decided; or you are contemplating to start. Apparently, it is relevant to go through formal education to earn a university degree. Also, it is relevant to attend seminars to learn a trade.

Seminars provide an exclusive opportunity that cannot be gotten anywhere else. Even more, they leave you with firsthand tactics and the technical know-how you need. Also, in-depth knowledge, secrets, tips and more are commonly shared in trade learning seminars. With the vast population in Nigeria, learning a trade can turn out to be one of the best decisions anyone can ever make.

Don’t just have the vision to learn a trade and jump into it, this can be very disastrous. Sadly, an exhausting list of people have done this and have failed woefully.

Most noteworthy, remains the best platform in Nigeria to discover trade learning seminars happening in Lagos. Therefore, you would discover a variety of trade seminars on the site. With many more trade seminars being posted each day, there is always a suitable trade learning seminar to meet your needs.

Learning the trade should be “the hard work” not having access to the trade learning seminars.

Visit now to discover trade learning seminars in Nigeria.

Seminar Taboos (Never Do Any of This) part2

A seminar venue is a fantastic place to be, there is often so much useful information which is disseminated apart from the valuable certificates that may be received upon the conclusion of the seminar. Seminars are truly remarkable and with so many benefits to derive, it is very easy to get carried away thereby causing you to engage in activities that are extremely frowned upon in a seminar. To help you avoid engaging in these taboos,, Nigeria’s leading seminars discovery platform has put together another detailed list of seminar taboos to help you have an issue-free seminar. You can read the first part of this seminar taboos list here

  1. Attending with an infant child: unless otherwise stated that it is acceptable to bring your infant child, strongly advises you not to go to any seminar venue with yours. Infants are beautiful and bring joy to our lives but they can also be unpredictable, this is why many seminar organizers frown greatly against bringing infants to a seminar venue. With so much rare tips and valuable information being disseminated any form of distraction will not be to the benefit of yours and that of other participants. If you are unsure of what is obtainable and you have no one else to look after your infant during the scheduled seminar date, ensure you contact the seminar organizer to obtain the right information
  2. Selling your merchandise: advertising and selling your merchandise without the permission of the seminar organizer will definitely get you into more trouble than you bargained for. It doesn’t matter if your merchandise is related to the ongoing seminar or not, the quality of the packaging of your merchandise doesn’t matter also, without permission you risk being embarrassed, thrown out or worst, your merchandise may be confiscated and destroyed. So if you have personal merchandise you are looking forward to selling at the next seminar you attend, we strongly advise you to contact the seminar organizers for permission.
  3. Standing: yes, you read this right! Standing continuously in a seminar will certainly draw the attention of the protocol officers to you which will most likely lead to an awkward conversation. If you are not seated at the very last row and you need to stand due to any reason ranging from prolonged seating pain to feeling of sleepiness, we advise you to leave your seat and move to the extreme end of the seminar venue to do all the standing you want. If you are questioned by a protocol officer, you can always tell them your reason for standing and make them see you have chosen the best option by standing at the back of the seminar venue to avoid discomforting other participants.
  4. Violence: it is needless to emphasize that any form of violence is a big taboo in a seminar venue which would not only get you evicted from the premises but may also lead to you being handed over to the police. A seminar in Nigeria is a gathering of professionals who come together for a common purpose hence you are required to behave in a professional manner throughout the course of a seminar. remains the leading seminars discovery platform in Nigeria. With a daily update of valuable seminars by seminar organizers all across Nigeria, you can always bet on discovering the perfect seminar to meet your current needs. Start browsing now to discover seminars happening in your city and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts using the comment box

How to advertise your seminar on SeminarsGo homepage.

Welcome to, in this blog post we would guide you on the effortless process required to advertise your seminar on homepage.

  1. Visit on your device
  2. Create an account or log in
  3. Click on Post a Seminar and fill the required fields
  4. Click on My Seminars on your profile page
  5. Click the green cart button next to the seminar you want to advertise
  6. Complete transaction on PayStack by filling in the relevant details

You would receive an email within 30 minutes after which your seminar will be moved to homepage remains the leading seminars discovery platform in Nigeria, a platform you can always count on to ensure your seminar seats are never empty. Follow the simple steps above to advertise your seminar on homepage to skyrocket the attendance of your upcoming seminars, for further inquiry you can reach us on, +2349063978819 or +2348091627773. We are always happy to assist you. loves seminars, so should you

We are, the leading seminars discovery platform in Nigeria, we love seminars and so should you. has been in existence since July of 2017 providing Nigerians access to a variety of valuable seminars posted by seminar organizers all over the country. When it comes to obtaining a skill or earning a certificate for your white or blue-collar profession, is the platform to explore. With an extensive range of seminars posted daily, there is no doubt that the perfect seminar that is suited to meet your need awaits you on
Seminars are a necessity for everyone who intends to earn money one way or another in Nigeria, seminars in Nigeria are the bedrock of knowledge and information dissemination. Seminars for a start hold the secret to many white or blue-collar sector challenges you may come across, seminars being a unique gathering of like minds of a particular sector provides you direct access to rare problem-solving tips and techniques.
At, we are passionate about ensuring that every Nigerian who desires to access the enormous benefits of seminars in Nigeria have access to the best seminars anytime and anywhere. Nigerians like you shouldn’t have to miss out on life-changing and impactful seminars due to lack of information, all you have to do is visit daily on your device to explore the numerous seminars on the site. The immense positive impact and development that you would gain by constantly attending seminars in Nigeria can’t be quantified, from in-depth access to the latest techniques relevant in your professional sector to once in a lifetime access to professionals who can invest their finance or network in ensuring your success, the values that can be added to you by attending seminars in Nigeria are extremely massive.
Do you need to discover seminars happening around you to give you an edge in this very competitive country, If yes? Then visit now.

skill acquisition in Nigeria(A detailed guide)

A skill acquisition seminar is a seminar that deals with both mental and creative reasoning and involves mostly practical. It is attended by people both in the blue collar and white collar sector, skill acquisition seminars may task the participant to perform a task over and over again, or invest in material which would aid them to acquire a particular skill. Without wasting much time, here are the three(3) most important information on skill acquisition seminars brought to you by Nigeria’s no 1 seminar site.

  1. Materials, Learning aids, Software’s etc are absolutely necessary: if you are going to attend a skill acquisition seminar, you should ensure you have the required materials, some of which may be available for free at the venue or you may be required to part with some few Naira for such materials. Regardless you should ensure you have the complete materials when attending a skill acquisition seminar as this would guarantee that you actually gain what you attended the seminar for in the first place; WHICH IS TO ACQUIRE SKILLS!
  2. Arrive early: going late for skill acquisition seminar defeats the whole purpose of the seminar. Unlike other types of seminar, if you go late for a skill acquisition seminar, it would be difficult to catch up with what has been taught especially the practical aspects except you are lucky to have a reschedule. Arriving early also provides you with the opportunity to get the best spot at the venue and also prepare for the seminar.
  3. Practice on your own: no matter how productive your seminar may have been, it would all be for nothing if you can’t successfully perform the skills you may have learnt on your own. This is why you should ensure you practice what you may have learnt on your own. If you are in a group, it would also be helpful if you communicate with them if you come across any problem while practicing on your own. Staying in contact with your group can also be helpful to you by providing you with new information as they come up.

Skill acquisition seminars are great to attend but without actually benefitting from such seminars, it’s just going to be a waste of time. Use the tips above and you will be on your way to having your most productive seminar

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skill acquisition in Nigeria(A detailed guide)

2020 seminars in Nigeria

2020 is finally here, the start of a new year and a new decade. What a spectacular year! There is no better time to begin accomplishing your goals and overcoming your obstacles than now. Whether you will be setting new goals or building on the old goals, the sure way to get your desired results is to begin attending seminars in Nigeria. which is the leading seminars discovery platform in Nigeria enables you access to various types of valuable seminars in Nigeria but it doesn’t end here, on you would be able to discover even the most exclusive seminars in Nigeria easily.
Not only would constantly visiting make your year 2020 business or career journey far productive, but it would also be setting you on the perfect path to having a decade of constant and swift success. Seminars are no doubt relevant if you desire to rise above the ground level to a higher stage of ultimate success, this is why you need to pay close attention to the daily contents of Retail, Fashion, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Media, Agriculture, Advertising and lots more are the seminar categories available on
2020 seminars in Nigeria are available to you anytime, anywhere by visiting The valuable seminars that are on can be discovered through your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Make 2020 the beginning of your life filled with laughter and accomplishments, leave nothing to chance by regularly browsing to find and attend impactful seminars happening in your city.
A new year is upon us and so is another decade, take actions that would permanently secure your future once and for all. For all your seminar needs in 2020, look no further than where there are more than enough relevant seminars suited to meet your exact need.