Categories of Seminars In Nigeria

You may have heard about a seminar or two and probably attended a few. But did you know not all seminars are the same? Different seminars exist for different purposes and contain different information which can be useful to you. However, let’s take a look at the major types of seminars in Nigeria.

  1. Career seminars: These seminars are solely for the purpose of career development. Hence, they give you an in-depth knowledge of your particular field. They contain information which often times can be very useful in your particular career field. Eventually, this leads to progress in your career. Career seminars are mostly held by experts and professionals of a particular career industry. Even more, these professionals are usually equipped with many years of experience and required skills.
  2. Religious seminars: Religious seminars are a big deal in a country like Nigeria, with the majority of the population being either Christian or Muslim. They lay emphasis on the need for you to be close to God. Also, they encourage friendship within their local society which fosters peace within the environment. Most noteworthy, they are mostly held by religious leaders and devoted believers.
  3. Vocational seminars: These seminars are mostly for the blue-collar industry. Therefore, they are based more on practical skills. They encourage entrepreneurship. Also, they can be physical and involve creative thinking. Vocational seminars specialize most times in the manufacturing sector and help you develop your vocational skill and talent.
  4. Government seminars: These seminars are held by government bodies. Hence, they are most times used to communicate a message from the government to the citizens (you). These seminars are very informative and are most times covered by the press.
  5. NGO seminars: Seminars in this category are used to sensitize the public; create awareness; or maybe a call to action to the public or government. They are also oftentimes covered by the press.

Feel free to drop a comment to let us know your favorite type and why.

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Tech seminars in Nigeria, a gathering of bright minds!

Tech is awesome, tech is fun but most importantly tech is useful. Technology has become the bedrock of the 21st century due to its immense benefits and impact which spans across every sector in the world. Most of the human advancement can be directly or indirectly attributed to technology, this is why anywhere there is a tech seminar in your city, you can be certain of meeting the brightest minds in Nigeria.

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Fresh, new and mind-blowing are few of the many words that have been used to describe tech seminars in Nigeria by people who have attended them. Everyone in the white and blue-collar sector needs to prioritize attending tech seminars in Nigeria for various reasons which may range from updating your IT skills to keeping up with the latest technological trends and methods of problem-solving to getting a relevant certificate. If you are prepared to dive into the amazing world of tech, if you want to be at the forefront of technological advancement in Nigeria, if you would love to interact with exciting bright minds then visit to discover tech seminars happening around you.

The true value of seminars in Nigeria

Are you ambitious? Are you focused on achieving your goals? Are you determined to give what it takes and overcome every challenge that may confront you on your ladder to the top? If your answer to all of these questions is Yes I am, then pay rapt attention to the content you are about to read because being ambitious is fantastic but it is not the only factor that is necessary to guarantee your success.

In Nigeria, apart from the enviable qualities listed above such as being ambitious, focused and the rest of them, there are actions that must be taken to ensure that you achieve great success in good time. Top of the list of these actions that must be taken by you is to constantly attend seminars in Nigeria. As an individual determined to rise from the bottom to the top, seminars are one of the greatest weapons you can have in your arsenal. The immense positive impact and development that you would gain by constantly attending seminars in Nigeria can’t be quantified, from in-depth access to the latest techniques relevant in your professional sector to once in a lifetime access to professionals who can invest their finance or network in ensuring your success, the values that can be added to you by attending seminars in Nigeria are extremely massive. Get started now by discovering valuable seminars happening around you in Nigeria exclusively on

Gone are the days where everything was handed over to people in Nigeria; if there was ever a time like that, in this current year, you have to work really hard in order to achieve your goals. A very few numbers of Nigerians have discovered the secrets on how to work hard in the most efficient ways by constantly attending seminars.  Words are not enough to describe the true values of seminars in Nigeria, you have to actually attend seminars to get a taste of what you have been missing in regards to achieving your goals and finally living the life of your dreams.

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All you need to know about seminars(Modified)

A seminar is the best place to learn useful skills and acquire vital information in Nigeria. It has the function of bringing together groups of people for recurring meetings, focusing each time on some particular subject, in which everyone present is required to participate. This is often accomplished through an ongoing dialogue with a seminar leader or speaker, or through a more formal presentation of research. It is a place where assigned readings are discussed, questions can be asked and debates can be conducted. Seminars provide an opportunity to explore topics by discussion, and to identify and sort out any problems. A seminar might be held to impart some skills or knowledge to the participants and can be motivational, in which case the purpose is usually to inspire the participants to become better people, or to work towards implementing the skills they might have learned from the seminar.
Often times a seminar is led by a speaker who prepares and presents the topic and kicks off the discussion. So that the seminar is of benefit to everyone, it is the responsibility of the other participants to contribute their ideas, opinions, and questions. For this to work well these contributions should have been researched and prepared in advance. The speaker’s role is as a facilitator. Their aim is not to ‘give a lecture’ but to try to encourage contributions from all those present by asking questions that stimulate further discussion. At the end of the seminar, they may sum up and draw some conclusions.
Seminars create opportunities to explore topics in more depth, share ideas in a way that will advance your thinking, learn from other people’s experiences and background knowledge, gain perspectives and points of view that you might not have otherwise considered, identify and sort out any misunderstandings(Discover seminars happening around you on Seminars provide the opportunity to clarify and deepen your understanding and increase your confidence in the topics discussed.
Before you can express your ideas clearly in a group discussion you need to get them straight in your head. Often times, when we communicate our ideas to others the process of putting our thoughts into words, enables us to help clarify them further. It may also allow us to see things in a way that we had not done before. In a seminar, the group shares the responsibility for keeping control of the discussion. This gives you the chance to gather your own thoughts before you present them against the different points of view that are offered by the other participants. In this way, a group can collectively advance their level of thinking through an effective combination of independent reading and group discussion.
A seminar provides a comfortable environment in which to practice and develop a range of valuable study skills and transferable skills. By taking part in seminars you will learn more about your subject area, and become more comfortable with the language of your subject area. Terms which before you thought were unnecessary ‘jargon’ now have some meaning. Besides that, you will have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills that will enable you to build a great career or become a successful entrepreneur.
Seminars provide an Ideal chance to build a network of peer support. One of the best things about attending a seminar is discovering that other participants are experiencing the same difficulties as you and some may have found a way around such problems. By sharing your concerns you will be able to get them into perspective. You will also come to realize that there are different ways of approaching the same problem.
Attending seminars in today’s world is definitely a big “YES” as it provides a real opportunity for you to develop yourself in different aspects and also provide you with the skills you require to finally live the life of your dreams.
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Are you organizing a seminar soon? Here are the 5 best ways to communicate with your audience

Do you give frequently give seminar talks or are you just preparing for your first seminar presentation? Preparing a great seminar presentation is not just enough, you have to figure out a way to effectively pass across your message to your audience. Seminars are very important because they have the ability to greatly influence the lives of your audience, you, therefore, need to be able to effectively pass your message to your audience in the best ways possible. To help you achieve this, here are the best 7 ways to get across to your audience and have a productive seminar.

  1. Never go over time: using up other peoples time in any setting is not nice and a seminar is not an exemption. As a seminar speaker, it is your duty to ensure that you keep to time and try as much as possible to leave room for questions after your presentation. Ensure you occasionally take a look at your watch without drawing the attention of your audience to it while you do so. Know what parts of your presentation are expendable just in case you run out of time.
  2. Discuss your most important points first: your audience interest and attention is at the highest at the beginning of any seminar, it would, therefore, be a smart move as a speaker to first discuss your most important points and save the sub-points for later.
  3. Speak with enthusiasm. As a seminar speaker, it is important that you show confidence and speak with enthusiasm as this is a sure way to gain the attention of your audience and keep them interested in your presentation, it will also help you to successfully pass your message across without boring the participants. Even if you have a great presentation but you are speaking in a monotonous voice, there is no doubt you will quickly lose the attention of your audience. Always speak clearly and try as much as possible to avoid mumbling.
  4. Interact: It is very important to interact with your audience as this is the only means to know if you are getting your message across to them. You should move around the stage if you have the opportunity to do so. Try to make the presentation easy to understand and avoid the use of complex grammar where possible. Feel free to make spontaneous jokes with random events that may take place during the seminar but avoid overdoing it if you don’t want to be seen as the clown. Also, note that it is very wrong to make an offensive joke or a joke that may embarrass a particular participant. Thank your audience for their time as you round up your presentation.
  5. Make use of learning aids/materials: learning aids like graphs, charts, slides, etc. can serve as a really great and effective way to make your audience understand the topic discussed. It draws the attention of the participants and creates visual support for your presentation. You should not put up slides unless you are already talking about it if you don’t want to lose your audience attention to the slides. Also, avoid overcrowding your slide with so many details and remember that your slide is not a substitute for your voice.

Rightly applying the seminar tips above would no doubt leave you with your most productive seminar ever. Discover seminars happening around you exclusively on Drop a comment to share what you think

Seminar Taboos (Never Do Any of This)

A seminar is the best place to learn useful skill and acquire vital information in Nigeria. With the number of fierce competition present in today’s professional world (career or entrepreneur), the number of Nigerians attending valuable seminars around them is on the rise. People are gradually realizing the massive benefits of seminars, this is a good thing because to achieve success in Nigeria today, you must without a doubt have an edge over others. Attending seminars no doubt will give you real-life unmatched advantages over others however it is important to note that there are taboos you must avoid in any seminar, so let’s get to them.

  1. Don’t sit at the front if you arrive late: heading straight to a front row seat is a taboo if you arrive late to a seminar except you are directed there by the protocol officers. Don’t go dashing for a front row seat if you arrive 30 minutes after a seminar has begun, it would almost be impossible not to draw attention to yourself thereby distracting other participants who are already seated. And in other instances apart from distracting others, the front row seats may be reserved for a special purpose you are not aware of, to avoid being embarrassed its best you find a seat in the middle row if there’s one available or settle for a back row seat.
  2. Going overtime: when you are asking a question or contributing to a discussion, you need to be aware that going overtime is very bad. It’s important to understand that the entire seminar as been scheduled therefore you should try as much as possible to keep your questions or contributions within your allocated time. Avoid sharing long personal experiences and other less important details, other participants would not appreciate you using up their time hence any side experience you feel the need to share should be summarized.
  3. Eating during an ongoing seminar: this is another taboo you should avoid engaging in when you are in an ongoing seminar. Eating during an ongoing seminar is bound to attract occasional focus from other participants thereby distracting them, things can even get much worse if what you are eating has an aroma which spreads round the seminar venue. Eating during the course of an ongoing seminar is not an action that is widely accepted, you should therefore eat whatever you want before a seminar begins or during a seminar break.

Seminars are public events and like all public events there is some level of civil behaviour that is expected from participant. Avoid doing any of the 3 points listed above to ensure you have a stress free seminar. To discover valuable seminars happening in your city visit now

How to choose the perfect seminar group

If you are taking the time to attend a seminar then your main goal should be getting optimal value (skill, knowledge, etc) from the seminar, nothing else. In some seminars you may be required to be part of a group in order to successfully carryout seminar activities, don’t just pick those who are nearest to you when required to be part of a seminar group. Being a member of a motivated seminar group is a very important factor that determines the overall value you will gain from attending such a seminar. For clarity sake, a seminar group is a small number of people who work together to achieve a common goal, either to develop skills or achieve success in a particular task during the course of a seminar.If you as a seminar attendee have been allowed the opportunity to decide your seminar group, here are what you need to look out for when deciding:

  1. Look out for enthusiast people: the reason why you should look out for people who show enthusiasm during the course of the seminar is because it reflects passion. Passionate and enthusiast people are the best to work with when in a seminar group because they are willing to share ideas and communicate. This set of people would be committed to achieving the required goal which means you won’t be drawn back by unmotivated individuals.
  2. People with the required materials: the importance of this cannot be over stated. When picking a seminar group it would be in your best interest to look out for people with the required materials when deciding which seminar group you want to be a member of, this would provide you with the opportunity to use your own material without being distracted and enable you concentrate without missing a step because you are sharing your material with the next person. It may not be in all cases but people who have complete materials during a seminar tend to be more committed. Having committed people in your seminar group is a great advantage.
  3. People who have been taking note: as minute as this may sound, being in a group with people who have been taking note would be another great advantage to your seminar group. This set of people are generally more focused on the ongoing seminar, their attentiveness implies that they would most likely know what to do and guild others while participating in a task when they are in a seminar group. Their note pad can also serve as a good reference point if the seminar group ever gets stuck.

You can only gain the skill or experience you require in a seminar if you surround yourself with the best people available. Follow the steps above to select your next seminar group and you would be on your way to having your most productive seminar ever. Begin now by discovering seminars happening in your city on

Optimally make use of a seminar break by following this steps

In the world of seminars in Nigeria, seminar breaks are a common occurrence, I have never attended or heard of a seminar where at least one break is not given, so it is a fact to say that seminar breaks are a standard occurrence in any seminar in Nigeria. So the next questions on your mind should be, why are this seminar breaks given? Why are they a standard occurrence? And how do I make perfect use of a seminar break? All of this questions and more are discussed in detail in this article courtesy of, the leading seminars discovery platform in Nigeria.To begin it is important to understand why seminar breaks are given and why they are a standard occurrence in Nigerian seminars. So to the basics, what is a seminar break? A seminar break is a period of time where no seminar activity is scheduled to be performed during the course of an ongoing seminar. Seminar breaks have become a standard in Nigerian seminars because seminar organizers have realized the immerse productivity value it adds to their audience. The ball is now left in the court of the attendees to figure out how to use a seminar break optimally. During a seminar break some attendees may feel it’s best to chat with their friends, others may feel it’s best to take a nap, none of this is bad but if your goal is to make optimal use of a seminar break, begin following the list below

  1. Review your note: a seminar break is a great opportunity to review your note pad, reviewing the new information you have will help you get a clearer understanding and enable you follow through easily when the seminar break is over. Carefully go through your key points and seminar materials, this does not mean cramming everything to your memory like you are going for an exam, what reviewing your note means here is that you should pay close attention to what you are reading with the intention to understand what it is all about, just like you are reading your favourite magazine.
  2. Use the restroom: Always visit the restroom during a seminar break whether you feel the need to or not(sometimes you never know). This would go a long way in preventing you from making any emergency trip to the restroom once the seminar resumes and would also save others in the ongoing from whatever distraction your emergency bathroom trips would cost. While visiting the restroom, remember not to leave your valuable items lying unattended to.
  3. Begin networking: you shouldn’t wait till the end of a seminar before you begin networking. A seminar break is a great time to meet up with other participants to discuss, share ideals and contacts. So during the course of a seminar, if you see a participant you would like to network with, use the opportunity of a seminar break to begin and if you run out of time, you can always pick up from where you stopped at the end of the seminar. is the #1 seminars discovery platform in Nigeria, on this site you would find an enormous variety of seminars happening in your city. is easy to use with many new seminars added daily, get started now!

Investors’ are not everywhere, here’s where to look in Nigeria.

It is popular knowledge that investors are very busy people, this set of people are mostly on the move and have “a lot on their table”. However, regardless of how busy their lives can be, they are always on the look out for what next to invest in, investors don’t like to leave money lying idle. They are always contemplating where next to put their money, they want their money to work for them, in simple terms this mean they want to smartly get their money off their hands and make gain while doing so. Investor’s abound in Nigeria but accessing them is where most entrepreneurs get stuck. If you believe as an entrepreneur in Nigeria your best shot at accessing investors is by trying to book an appointment, then goodluck with that. To those who are brave and realistic entrepreneurs, I want to let you know that your chances of accessing an investor in Nigeria by booking an appointment is almost negligible, this is so because they are people who have their life’s scheduled even down to minutes. They are always on the move and most importantly they get investment leads from trusted sources. Nigeria is a country where entrepreneurship is encouraged but investors are not easily accessible, this is why i am going to share two valuable secrets with you which would enable have direct access to investors and guide you on how to gain their attention. Firstly, as an entrepreneur in Nigeria the foremost place to easily have direct access with enough opportunity to enable you to grab the attention of any investor and get them interested in your overall business is a seminar venue, no other occurrence or activity would provide you as much direct access to investors in Nigeria, learn more about this by following this link Secondly, after getting access to the investors, what next? What is next is being able to grab their attention without causing their minds to wonder off or worst, which is making them believe this is another routine entrepreneur with nothing special to offer. To avoid this, I am going to share with you tips that have been proven to work to enable you grab the attention of any investor in a seminar venue.

  1. Actively contribute and ask questions during seminars: don’t just be a spectator, the logic behind this is that you should make yourself visible and also seem like you are a really smart and dedicated person. This would make investors interested and willing to hear you out 100 percent. If you make smart contributions and ask intelligent questions in the course of an on going seminar, investors you would be networking with during a seminar break or at the end of a seminar will have their attention span at the highest level and be very interested in hearing you out. This is definitely better than trying to book and appointment for months if not years with an investor in Nigeria, only to be told, it’s never going to happen. Visit now to discover seminars happening around you and begin meeting investors.
  2. Be well dressed: the power of appearance cannot be overemphasized in a country like Nigeria, this is also true in a seminar venue. Always dress the part and avoid wearing clothes that downplay mission and goal in a seminar. You are going to be meeting with people who would possible part with their funds or other resources, you have to dress the part and sweep them off their feet’s with a dashing first impression.
  3. Be open-minded: not being open-minded is bad attitude to have as an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you must be able to listen to the opinion of others (experts,investors) regrading your business model and analysis such opinions without being hot-headed. As an entrepreneur you have to be flexible and realistic. When you are networking with investors, you may hear suggestions you find weird, no one likes to be judged but constructive criticism is better than a failed business. Be open-minded to contributions of investors you meet at a seminar venue, always review such contributions carefully.
  4. Have a business plan: this is a standard requirement you must possess when meeting an investor, there’s nothing more important than having a practical business plan that gives investors an in-dept understanding of the current position of your business and where you are heading. It won’t look good for you to be caught off guard by an investor in a seminar venue without your business plan.

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