How to successfully market your seminars without wasting money

It is simpler than you think! When it comes to organizing a seminar a lot of seminars organizers are quite skilled with the ability to deliver magnificent presentation etc. but spreading the word about the seminar is where there is a lot of inefficiencies and headaches. A lot of organizers would just opt for the old traditional methods of printing flyers, posters and maybe even banners but time and results have shown that these methods are inefficient and usually fail woefully.

An exciting, new and catchy way to market your seminar is on the internet, the internet is the reason for the popular saying “The world is a global village”, simply because everyone is on the internet (old, young, rich, poor, etc.) but the internet is massive hence you have to know exactly where your target audience are. Now, is the best platform to promote your seminars in Nigeria. Whether you are hosting a white-collar seminar in Law, Banking etc. or a blue-collar seminar in agriculture, mining etc. there is no better means of guaranteeing that your seminar is seen by the right set of people than posting it on

Numerous valuable seminars are posted on each day, this is why many Nigerian youths and adults have made it a duty to visit on a daily basis to discover seminars happening around them. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to sell out your upcoming seminars. Post your seminars by visiting   

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Are you a seminar organizer? Do you find it difficult filling up your seminar venue and maybe often end up slashing your ticket price? Without mincing words, this can be really frustrating. Apart from the revenue lost, the physical and mental toll lack of audience takes on any seminar organizer can be devastating.

Every seminar organizer knows that marketing a seminar is not a simple task. Over time various marketing tools such as posters, flyers, billboards, public address systems, etc. have been used to promote seminar awareness by organizers and more than a few have discovered over time that many of this money gulping marketing tools deliver less than the desired result. The plain truth is that if I host a seminar and very few people show up after I have put everything in place to ensure that the seminar is well attended, I would quit the seminar organizing business however after numerous poorly attended seminars, a lot of organizers are still sticking to their guns which is seminar organizing mainly because they love impacting valuable knowledge in people and believe they are making the society a better place. Well there is really good news for this set of seminar organizers. By posting your seminars on, every seminar organizer can now be rest assured that their seminars are reaching the most seminar interested audience in Nigeria, this means the seminars posted by organizers on actually reach the right and best category of people who are interested, willing and determined to attend various valuable seminars because they require the benefits of this seminars for the general progress of their lives. No seminar organizer would ever find a better platform with a large concentration of Nigerian people who are interested in attending seminars because they need to, so if you are a seminar organizer stop wasting money on obsolete marketing tools which give poor attendance results and post your seminars on Posting a seminar on is easier than using the ATM because it requires no technicality, all a seminar organizer needs to do is fill out the blank spaces, click the link to post your seminar

Any seminar organizer that believes sticking to the old and obsolete seminar marketing ways is going attract Nigerians of today needs to wake up to the reality, everyone is on the internet. Avoid being left in the past by wasting money on marketing tools that fails to grab the attention of the key population of Nigerians who are in need of valuable seminars. Prevent having a scanty seminar venue at your next seminar, post your seminar on to skyrocket your subsequent seminars attendance, Click on the link to post your

Seminar Industry in Nigeria, all you need to know.

The seminar industry in Nigeria can be said to be one of the largest untapped industries in the country with the potential to generate millions of dollars in revenue if properly structured, yes you read that correctly. In this article I will inform you of all you need to know about the seminar industry in Nigeria and how you can benefit from this untapped goldmine.

The seminar industry in Nigeria is has old as other industries in the country but has suffered setbacks due to proper structure. It is estimated that about 1,000 seminars take place all over Nigeria each week with an average participant fee of 15,000 naira a person and an average audience of 20 people per seminar (Note that this figures are probably significantly higher) This means that One billion, two hundred million naira (1,200,000,000) is generated from participant fees a month and Fourteen billion, Four hundred million naira a year (14,400,000,000). This is 26 times higher than Nigeria’s total catfish export for the year 2018, and reasonably speaking this is an industry that has lacked the basic structures to efficiently thrive and expand.

To understand why the seminar industry in Nigeria is such a money generating industry, we have to go back to the table and look at the facts. Nigeria is a certificate driven country and as long as you want to make money in the corporate world in the country either has a business owner or by building a career, you are required to possess the relevant certificates to be given a listening ear. As undergraduates, many Nigerian students are constantly reminded by their families to undergo numerous certification courses to stand a better chance of securing well-paying jobs in the labor market. This is a major reason the appetite for seminars of millions of Nigerians is continuously on the rise.

Nigeria being a developing country has a very high number of uneducated adults many of who do not desire to go through the regular classroom education due to various beliefs but also desire to possess certificates for various purposes ranging from bragging rights to club requirements etc. This set of people opt for the closest alternative to classroom education which is seminars. Millions of Nigerians mostly adults fall in this category.

Benefiting from the seminar industry in Nigeria is easy but requires firsthand experience of the industry (Read for regular insights on the seminar industry in Nigeria). There are two (2) main way in which you can benefit from this untapped goldmine:

  1. By attending valuable seminars(attendee)- As an attendee, all you have to do is know what you are looking to achieve. Whether you require a professional certificate to gain a promotion or get a higher paying job or just learn a skill to set up your business, you have to clearly know what your purpose for attending seminars are. After you have figured out what you want to achieve by attending a seminar the next step is to attend a seminar that is relevant to achieving your purpose, you should visit to discover seminars happening around you relevant to your area of interest.
  2. By organizing seminars(organizer)-  As a seminar organizer, you have to really know what you are doing and offer great value for peoples hard earned money, your seminar has to be properly structured and offer what is promised without compromise. You also have to be very effective in marketing your seminars, quit wasting money on numerous posters and embrace the internet with an unlimited amount of audience, visit and get your next seminar(s) seen by by more people than you can imagine and skyrocket your seminar attendance. Do this and you are on your way to earn a large chunk of the over Fourteen and a half billion naira (14,400,000,0000) generated annually by the seminar industry in Nigeria.

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