Here are the four best ways to network during a seminar

Hello there. You may have most likely attended a few seminars in the past or there is a possibility you attend seminars regular, but do you know a seminar venue is one of the best places to network in Nigeria and have uninterrupted access to decision makers and investors who can help you develop your career or build a successful startup?, Nigeria’s no 1 seminar site has put together a list of the four(4) best ways to network during a seminar.

  1. Dress professional: before we begin to discuss other ways to network during a seminar, it is relevant to note that how you dress matters a lot in networking. With access to meeting many new individuals who can guide you to actualizing your goals, it would be to your own deterrent to attend a seminar dressed shabbily. Also remember the popular saying “How you dress is how you will be addressed”.
  2. Interact a lot: networking is one hundred percent impossible without interaction. When attending a seminar, it is important to understand that interacting with other participants is vital and should not be ignored. Introduce yourself to others and let them know your area of specialty, look out for the big shorts i.e the speaker(s), organizers, key industry players etc.
  3.  Know the basics: most big shorts would back out from a conversation the moment they discover you have absolutely no clue on the topic at hand and no one would be really interested in mentoring you if you have zero knowledge on key information about an industry so the least you can do before networking in a seminar is to gather as much information as possible on crucial issues of your industry.
  4. Keep in touch: there is no better means of networking than to keep in touch with the contacts you have previously gotten. Let them know when you encounter any difficulty or challenge, the wealth of experience they would have gathered over the years would definitely come in handy in guiding you to solve such problems.

There is no better time to start seminar networking than now. Use the tips above and you can be rest assured of being successful at networking with the right people in any seminar.

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