Do you want to get investors’ attention in any seminar? Read this!

There’s no disputing the fact that investors are very busy people who spend most of their time exchanging contacts with possible entrepreneurs. They are also very good at detecting and deflecting sketchy proposals and ideas without thinking twice. In a country liken Nigeria where entrepreneurship is encouraged but investors are few, here is how to grab the attention of any investor and get them interested in your overall business

  1. Ask questions/contribute during seminars: don’t just be a bench warmer during seminars, the logic behind this is you should make yourself visible and also seem like you know what you are doing (even if like most starting entrepreneurs, you really don’t). This would make an investor interested and willing to hear you out 100 percent. If you make smart contribution and ask intelligent questions, gaining the attention of any investor would be much easier than you ever imagined but remember to leave room for others to air their opinions.
  2. Be well dressed: the power of appearance cannot be overemphasized as you will be addressed how you are dressed. Always dress the part and avoid wearing clothes that make you look not so professional or like a slacker. You are meeting with someone who would possible part with their funds or other resources, you therefore owe it to them to dress decent and professional.
  3. Have a positive professional attitude: there’s no harm in wearing a smile occasionally, speak with confidence and passion, let them know why you would like them to invest in your business/idea apart, don’t beat about the bush. Tell them why you feel motivated about the business/idea (apart from the regular “I am certain this business can make so much money in a short time” phrase).
  4. Have a business plan: there’s nothing that gives a good first impression to an investor as having your business plan prepared and ready, know exactly how much you need and how your daily transactions will take place, this makes you seem serious and investors love to do business with serious people.Drop a comment to share what you think.Find seminars happening around you on Source:

3 things to never do in a seminar

Like other public gathering and functions, attending seminars require you to behave in an accepted manner to avoid being embarrassed or kicked out. Therefore it’s necessary to know things you should never do in a seminar, without much ado here are the top 3 things you should never do in a seminar

  1. Don’t sit at the front if you arrive late: except you are directed by the protocol officers, it’s never nice to get into a seminar 30 minutes after it has begun and head to the front row seats. It would almost be impossible not to draw attention to yourself thereby distracting other participants who are already seated or the seats may be reserved for a special purpose you are not aware of. To avoid being embarrassed its best you find a seat in the middle row if there’s one available or you may have to settle for a the back row seat.
  2. Using extra time is very bad: if you are asking a question or contributing to a discussion, it’s very important to note that the entire seminar as been scheduled, you should try as much as possible to keep to your allocated time and learn to summarize. Leave out the long jokes and unimportant details, other participants would not appreciate you using up their time hence any side experience you feel the need to share should be done after the seminar with those who are really interested.
  3. Avoid unnecessary movement: this is also important to avoid distracting the speaker and other participants, avoid using the bathroom multiple times and don’t be the one who is always going out to receive calls every 5 minutes as this can easily get you kicked out of the seminar.

Seminars are public events and like all public events there is some level of comportment that is expected from participant. Avoid doing any of the 3 points listed above and you would have a stress free seminar.

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You may have heard about a seminar or two and probably attended a few. But did you know not all seminars are the same? Different seminars exist for different purposes and contain different information which can be useful to you. However, let’s take a look at the major types of seminars in Nigeria.

  1. Career seminars:

    These seminars are solely for the purpose of career development. Hence, they give you an in-depth knowledge of your particular field. They contain information which often times can be very useful in your particular career field. Eventually, this leads to progress in your career. Career seminars are mostly held by experts and professionals of a particular career industry. Even more, these professionals are usually equipped with many years of experience and required skills.

  2. Religious seminars:

    Religious seminars are a big deal in a country like Nigeria, with the majority of the population being either Christian or Muslim. They lay emphasis on the need for you to be close to God. Also, they encourage friendship within their local society which fosters peace within the environment. Most noteworthy, they are mostly held by religious leaders and devoted believers.

  3. Vocational seminars:

    These seminars are mostly for the blue collar industry. Therefore, they are based more on practical skills. They encourage entrepreneurship. Also, they can be physical and involve creative thinking. Vocational seminars specialize most times in the manufacturing sector and help you develop your vocational skill and talent.

  4. Government seminars:

    These seminars are held by government bodies. Hence, they are most times used to communicate a message from the government to the citizens (you). These seminars are very informative and are most times covered by the press.

  5. NGO seminars:

    Seminars in this category are used to sensitize the public; create awareness; or may be a call to action to the public or government. They are also often times covered by the press.

Feel free to drop a comment to let us know your favorite type and why.

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5 benefits of attending seminars in Nigeria

Many of us must have attended a seminar in the past or heard about one seminar or the other. But did you know seminars in Nigeria are much more than they seem with numerous benefits? Especially in a country like Nigeria; attending seminars can be a very useful factor in helping you achieve your dreams. Also, you can get the knowledge required to live the life you have always desired. Without much ado, here are the 5 major benefits of attending seminars.

  1. Good platform for Networking:

    Did you know that according to research conducted in Nigeria; a seminar is in the top three places where a regular citizen can meet an elite. When you attend a seminar, you get the opportunity to meet decision makers, investors, and business executives etc. There, they are ready to listen to you and exchange business contacts.

  2. Exposure and self-development:

    Seminar is a golden opportunity with a large pool of information resource. Hence, when you attend a seminar, you get exposed to new ideas and learn new skills. Also, you get useful materials which you can apply to your business or career. Attend a seminar today and you will be amazed at the amount of exposure you will get.

  3. You meet people with similar goals:

    This needs no further explanation as the statement is crystal clear. Christians go to the church; Muslims go to the mosque; and people of similar ideology and goals attend a particular seminar.

  4. Opportunity to meet mentors:

    Is there a particular individual you have always wanted to be like and consider being your mentor? Well, do you know the best place to meet them? Anyway, the answer is a seminar. By attending a seminar, you get the opportunity to meet people who can mentor and share their wealth of experience with you.

  5. Self-fulfillment:

    For those who attend seminars regularly, you can’t deny that feeling of accomplishment and self-fulfillment you get when you arrive home at the end of the day. You feel happy with yourself, knowing you are on the right path to achieving your dreams.

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