It’s time to take your seminar/webinar marketing serious again

Note: For the sake of this post only, seminar and webinar means the same thing

The pandemic is no longer an excuse, Nigeria has started moving on, maybe even faster than the rest of the world. People have started coming out of their homes again, now is your chance to begin investing in marketing your seminars.

Has a seminar organizer, your aims most likely revolve around imparting knowledge and making a profit while doing so, both of those aims are valid and possible, we believe you have taken the time to put together a seminar that is worth attending, we also believe that you are determined to give attendees nothing but the best. Now that you have taken care of that aspect, what comes next? All is not done, it is not yet time to fold your arms and do nothing, now is time for the next phase which is ensuring that the right people see your seminar. Not every Nigerian needs to see your seminar, interested Nigerians are the people you are to be on the lookout for. Over the years, has come to be known by Nigerians as the platform to visit when in search of a seminar to attend, our platform is where your seminar needs to be.

Gaining visibility is not a piece of cake, our platform takes away that worry, the numerous Nigerians who visit our platform daily have access to all the seminars posted by organizers, these are people who need them hence the need for convincing them that they need to attend is eliminated, it is even better for seminar organizers who choose to advertise their seminar on our platform home page, the audience reach is instantly bigger.
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Network the twenty-first century way in Nigeria. Unlock opportunities

For the sake of easy writing young graduates and entrepreneurs would be referred to as entrepreneurs in this mind-opening article
Has an entrepreneur without the link of a “godfather” from whom you are certain to get all the support you need, the reality remains the same all over Nigeria, everything is hard, everything is hard, everything is hard. I had to emphasise it 3 times because this is the reality many young entrepreneurs face daily, struggling under the scorching sun and heavy rain then also having to contend with rude transport conductors all to be told a big NO many times over at the crucial point of showcasing what you have to offer. Breathing in, breath out then read carefully with rapt attention.

Do not focus totally on working dead hard to achieve your goals, you would most probably fail by doing this. As cliché as this sounds, you have to work very smartly. Once you have made sure you have an outstanding product or service you have to be able to successfully market it, this is where a lot of entrepreneurs seem to be stuck and end up in a circle of disappointment. Instead of having to wait for hours in different offices without any tangible result, attend a seminar or webinar

A seminar/webinar is the perfect place to meet captains of industries and other entrepreneurs with years of experience and more than a few practical hacks and tips to share. The networking benefits of attending a seminar for an entrepreneur can not be overstated and it would be counterproductive for an entrepreneur to insist on catching high net worth people in their offices only to be told to return the following day and then again the next day and then the day after only to be told in summary NO! if you as an entrepreneur is serious about achieving your set goals you have to relegate all other plans you have and make attending seminars/webinars the very top of the list, nothing else gets you closer to the decision-makers and the investors who can take a look at your business plan and decide if it is worth their investment, discover the best seminars/webinars happening around you exclusively on

Do not prioritize hard work over smart work, open your mind and take the required step needed to ensure that you climb up the success ladder swiftly, search for valuable seminars/webinars happening around you on and start networking with VIPs who are capable of making your dreams become reality while also enjoying the knowledge benefits you gain from attending them.
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Best four ways to network like a pro during a webinar

Hello there. You may have most likely attended a few webinars in the past or there is a possibility you attend webinars regularly, but do you know a webinar venue is one of the best places to network in Nigeria and have uninterrupted access to decision-makers and investors who can help you develop your career or build a successful startup?, Nigeria’s no 1 webinar site has put together a list of the four(4) best ways to network during a webinar.

Dress professionally: before we begin to discuss other ways to network during a webinar, it is relevant to note that how you dress matters a lot in networking. With access to meeting many new individuals who can guide you to actualizing your goals, it would be your deterrent to attending a webinar dressed shabbily. Also, remember the popular saying “How you dress is how you will be addressed”.

Interact a lot: networking is one hundred percent impossible without interaction. When attending a webinar, it is important to understand that interacting with other participants is vital and should not be ignored. Introduce yourself to others and let them know your area of speciality, look out for the big shorts i.e the speaker(s), organizers, key industry players etc. Make your voice heard in the webinar, don’t just be a silent participant.

Know the basics: most big shorts would back out from a conversation the moment they discover you have no clue on the topic at hand and no one would be interested in mentoring you if you have zero knowledge on key information about an industry so the least you can do before networking in a webinar is to gather as much information as possible on crucial issues of your industry. Relax, you don’t need to know everything although knowing all is a plus, you just need to know enough and then you can build on what you know.

Keep in touch: there are no better means of networking than to keep in touch with the contacts you have previously gotten. Let them know when you encounter any difficulty or challenge, the wealth of experience they would have gathered over the years would come in handy in guiding you to solve such problems.

There is no better time to start webinar networking than now. Use the tips above and you can rest assured of being successful at networking with the right people in any webinar.

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Webinars are the difference

It is interesting how fast the world is changing, it is interesting how people are forging forward even in a pandemic era, it is also interesting how commercial and economic activities have managed to go on even in the worst of times. Indeed the clock is always ticking.
We at know that you need access to the best webinars/seminars in town to achieve your dream. Getting access to webinars/seminars that provide a gateway to your rapid success should not be a headache for you, ensuring that your webinars/seminars problems are a thing of the past is our purpose.
Webinars indeed work. Imagine a scenario where you can gain all the benefits of a seminar right from the convenience of your private space. Webinars provide you with the opportunity to dive right into the action and upgrade yourself with exactly what you need to stand out, make a mark and achieve the goals you desire. Do not let anyone tell you that attending webinars is an inferior step to other steps you are taking to achieve your goals, on the contrary, webinars are goldmines with the capability to “position you right where you need to be”.
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Welcome to 2021

Welcome to a new year and a new decade. is happy to have had you as a loyal user in the previous year. It is because of you we do what we do with so much passion and commitment, it is also because of you that we always make sure that our platform delivers the best experience daily. Last year saw the start of the world halting pandemic which led to the massive rise of webinars, well it is 2021 and webinars are still trending.

What a ride it has been so far. We want to take this moment to assure you that will continue to provide you with access to valuable seminars and webinars suited to meet your need. We will ensure that you always have access to all of this at your fingertips just by visiting our platform. Dreams do come true and is with you every step of the way to ensure that you are not lacking in access to the best webinars/seminars.

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Welcome to the new year. Cheers!

Wrapping things up

We are happy to be welcoming you to the last month of the year. 2020 has been a year that many will look forward to getting over with.
We at are here to let you know that 2021 promises to be an exciting year filled with lots of promising opportunities and exciting adventures.
Webinars ruled the year 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, webinars will still rule the coming years long after the current pandemic has been successfully contained, don’t miss out on the best of them. Start discovering the best webinars happening soon on
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Do you want to get investors’ attention in any webinar? Read this!

There’s no disputing the fact that investors are very busy people who spend most of their time exchanging contacts with possible entrepreneurs. They are also very good at detecting and deflecting sketchy proposals and ideas without thinking twice. In a country liken Nigeria where entrepreneurship is encouraged but investors are few, here is how to grab the attention of any investor and get them interested in your overall business

  1. Ask questions/contribute during seminars: don’t just be a bench warmer during seminars, the logic behind this is you should make yourself visible and also seem like you know what you are doing (even if like most starting entrepreneurs, you don’t). This would make an investor interested and willing to hear you out 100 percent. If you make smart contributions and ask intelligent questions, gaining the attention of any investor would be much easier than you ever imagined but remember to leave room for others to air their opinions.
  2. Be well dressed: the power of appearance cannot be overemphasized as you will be addressed how you are dressed. Always dress the part and avoid wearing clothes that make you look not so professional or like a slacker. You are meeting with someone who would possible part with their funds or other resources, you, therefore, owe it to them to dress decent and professional.
  3. Have a positive professional attitude: there’s no harm in wearing a smile occasionally, speak with confidence and passion, let them know why you would like them to invest in your business/idea apart, don’t beat about the bush. Tell them why you feel motivated about the business/idea (apart from the regular “I am certain this business can make so much money in a short time” phrase).
  4. Have a business plan: there’s nothing that gives a good first impression to an investor as having your business plan prepared and ready, know exactly how much you need and how your daily transactions will take place, this makes you seem serious and investors love to do business with serious people. Drop a comment to share what you think. Find seminars happening around you on Source:

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Now is the time to embrace webinars

At, we pride our self in providing Nigerian’s access to the best seminars and webinars in the country. Every day, organizers make use of our platform to give their upcoming webinars a wider reach. During this coronavirus pandemic, many Nigerians have fully embraced webinars but the big question is that are you one of such Nigerians?

Webinars are the present and the future, the innovation behind webinars is so incredible that it is only going to grow bigger by the day. With the restrictions put in place by various states across the country and the desire for individuals to be protected from the coronavirus, it is anyone’s best bet to say that webinars are here to stay.

Let talk briefly about webinars. Webinars are a gateway to accessing the most current information in your field of specialization, by attending webinars, you get uninterrupted access to vital knowledge and relevant techniques that others like you do not have. Webinars are an avenue for you to develop yourself from your comfort zone. Apart from other immense benefits of webinars is the fact that you are able to stay safe.

Now is the time to put aside all other distractions and embrace webinars. Start benefiting and networking all from the comfort of your device. It doesn’t take much nowadays to miss and opportunity or to be recommended for retrenchment. It also does not take much for you to be successful in your chosen field, all you have to do is begin attending webinars. By attending certification webinars, you can earn relevant certificates that shield you from being included in the unemployed population. is the foremost webinars discovery platform in Nigeria. We don’t want you to suffer catastrophically from the impact of COVID 19, start discovering impactful webinars on our platform now.

Webinars are trending on

COVID 19 as disrupted a lot but webinars are here to stay. Let’s get started!
Webinars have been in existence for a very long time but 2020 COVID pandemic as really highlighted it’s importance. A lot of Nigerians have been able to discover the value of webinars and have started getting things done! is Nigeria’s foremost webinar discovery platform, we enable Nigerians like you discover the best webinars in town and enable organizers to meet real audience.
Recently, the demand for webinars greatly have risen, this is due to the lockdown measures that have been put in place by various governments around the world. Now impactful seminars that should have been held physically have become webinars making them more accessible to more people than ever. From the comfort of an internet-enabled device, Nigerians can now attend the best and most exclusive webinars in Nigeria without having to gather physically. A statement was made not too long ago, where a business executive said that the three top things in high demand at the moment are face masks, hand sanitizers and webinars. Yes the world may be partially locked down and yes some businesses may still be closed but on the larger scale, the economy goes on! This means that whether you choose to accept the to operate during the lockdown or not, businesses are finding means to communicate and empower Nigerians in the same capacity as before, only that this time, it’s all virtual. is a platform that as been at the forefront of it all, from the begin of the lockdown till now, webinar organizers all across Nigeria have found our platform a suitable broadcast means. New webinars are posted daily spanning every industry, which means that whether you are a career-driven individual or a business owner looking to take your business to the next level; is a platform that you can count on in your quest discovering and participating in the best webinars in Nigeria. Don’t be left behind, visit to begin discovering top-notch webinars happening in Nigeria.

Financial freedom in the era of Covid-19 is not a myth thanks to SeminarsGo is an online platform like no other. Each day, impactful webinars are posted on the platform to enable countless Nigerian have the right knowledge, skill or certificate that they require in other to live the life of their dreams. Covid-19 is a sudden occurrence that has had a negative impact on society at large, everywhere you look, things seem to be taking a downturn. The stock market is down, jobs are being lost, salaries are being slashed and so on. No one expected this Covid-19 occurrence but the reality is that it is here!

Yes, Covid-19 is here but before you lose hope, I must let you know that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Now more than ever when physical distancing is widely accepted and is fully in place is the right time for you to jump on the bandwagon to the clever Nigerians who attend webinars. For clarity sake, a webinar is an online seminar and can be discovered by visiting now back to our topic, you may ask, why webinars when jobs are being lost and the economy seems to be taking a downturn? Well, the simple answer is that webinars increase your odds of swift financial freedom without much suffering. By attending webinars which you can discover on, you can learn new skills such as becoming a virtual assistant, social media manager, ethical hacker, security control manager and lots more. You can then offer your service as a freelancer or an employee to an organization who have started making their structure remote-friendly as a result of Covid-19.

Of course, the benefits of attending webinars exceed the narrow few which have been listed. By attending webinars from your comfort zone during this pandemic, you can learn skills to start a business or get a promotion by attending a certification webinar. Are things tougher now, yes but things have always been tough. Safe yourself now from the harsh economic condition that would precede this Covid-19 era by attending webinars on to have the financial freedom of your dreams. is the leading seminars/webinars discovery platform in Nigeria.